Linfo features

Last updated September 29, 2009

For anyone

Linfo ex/explain <keyword> to <nick> 

sends the answer to <nick> in /msg.

For normal channel users

Linfo <keyword> or with |ex|explain|tell us about|what is, etc 

sends answer to user in /msg.

Linfo index <text>

searches the answer field of the database and returns answer via /msg. If there are more than 10 results, the user is directed to a web page. This search is case sensitive.

Linfo info <keyword>

gives information on when an entry was made, by whom and how many times it's been accessed.

In all cases the wild cards '%' (any number of characters) and '_' (any single character) will find the first, if any matching entry.

Channel ops & FOL cause an answer to be sent to channel rather than to themselves.


Linfo learn <keyword> as <knowledge entry>

Stores the entry in the database if there is no previous entry for <keyword>

This command is available to anyone in the channel, and for ops and FOL in /msg. A user has a period of 30 seconds in which to remove their own entry with the command

Linfo forget <keyword>

ops and FOL can learn and forget entries at any time, and also do this via msg.

Other commands



In channel where XX is a 2 letter country code will return top level country domains, like .at for Austria, or .za for South Africa for example.



In channel where XX is an integer will convert a temperature between

Fahrenheit and Celsius.


where DDDDDD is a six digit hexadecimal OUI number, returns the company owning that OUI code as part of the MAC code of a device. (use the first 6 digits of an interface's MAC).

 Linfo joinpart <nickmask> <hours>

gives statistics on the joins and parts for a nickname.

 Linfo nicks <hostmask> <hours>

gives a count of the number of nicks within the given period.

Channel operator

The following commands are all prefaced with /msg Linfo and are available to channel ops only :


jumps to next server in the server list


.jump <server_name> 

jumps to the specified server

.config show friends

shows the current FoL list in the bot config file

.config add friend <ident@host>

adds the entry to the config file

.config remove friend <ident@host>

removes the entry from the config file

Wildcards ? and * are accepted for friends list

In all cases, abuse of the bot in any form will result in a ban.

Database entry stats

DB user search

Linfo DB query

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